Friday, April 20, 2012

Great Utah Shakeout 2012

This Tuesday was the Great Utah Shakeout earthquake drill. I was looking forward to the opportunity to review our family's preparedness at home and then participate in the drills that were to take place in the community. It was fun to have the chance to go to the Davis County EOC and work in the Amateur Radio room. We got to pass mock traffic and interact with the county officials in the mock disaster. Afterwards, the debrief was also informative and reminded me that we always need to look for ways to improve our plans to become prepared for whatever type of disaster that may occur.

The county has a nice radio setup with capabilities on many different modes from CW to packet and band capabilities from HF to UHF.  Area repeater coverage was also excellent with contacts from the North end of the state to the South end.  Seeing how a good station like K7DAV is put together even gave me some ideas for improvements for my own shack.

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