Friday, June 17, 2011

Linear Birds

I was excited today to receive my new FT-857D to use on the linear birds. I realize the 857 will only provide half-duplex operation, but paired with my other handheld, it will be adequate. I'm looking forward to having additional passes available each day. I need to now work on some satellite antennas. Perhaps a couple of eggbeaters and a mounted yagi.

In a few days I should receive my 70cm preamp. I'm hoping it will allow me to hear birds like SO-50 that have only 500mW or less power output. It will be yet another set of satellite passes to work.

In light of the recent dire forecast of no sunspots for decades, I'll at least have one aspect of ham radio to still enjoy.


So after over half a year of working the birds I finally pulled out an handheld receiver and worked AO-51 full duplex this afternoon. It was nice to actually hear my downlink and know that I was getting through. I guess I should've done this a long time ago. I need to figure out how to raise my audio level. I'm wondering if the hand microphone I've been using is very effective. It may be time to look for a replacement.

After finally getting some experience in tracking the satellites, I can focus on other areas of making my setup better. It's also ironic that the recent problems of AO-51 have actually made it easier to work it since the power output has been increased. I've now worked over 40 grid squares and am halfway to VUCC Satellite.